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This blogpost I will tell you what you need to know before you book your seat on a flight. 


Up in the air

As you are reading this, I will be up in the air on our first flight to Birmingham, United Kindom in the most comfortable seats of the economy class. 




But, before I found this site, it was a gamble if the seat I reserved was good or not. It differs per airline, plane type and some other factors. 



Stinky toilet

Sometimes the airline removes a row of seats, or in the back of economy class there are only 2 seats next to eachother instead of 3. Some seats are located between two windows, so you can't look outside or next to a stinky toilet. The risks of a bad seat are acceptable if you have a domestic flight, but if you are going to travel further, like our next 3 flights (Frankfurt - San Fransisco 11 hours and San Francisco --> Hawaii 5 hours) that stinky toilet or windowless seat will be a pain in your ass. 




The creators of Seatguru must have been thinking the same thing because their site is a life saver. On this site you can type in your flight number, departure date and airline and it will show you a map of the plane and a itinerary of the seating. Below I put a picture of the flight I'm on right now and how it's portrayed on seatguru.


Seat map key

  • Good seat
  • Be Aware - See comments
  • Bad seat
  • Mixed Review
  • Standard seat
  • Blocked seat
  • Premium seat
  • Crew seat
  • Power port
  • Emergency exit
  • Galley
  • Lavatory
  • Closet
  • Bassinet


Photo's and comments

Besides this feature, the users of the site can and have also uploaded photos of their travel in the plane you selected and previous passengers can leave comments on the seat they travelled in. 


Do you want to know for sure what you pay for? And what seats are the best, even in economy? I recommend that you check out Seatguru here. 




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Next week a post about how you can book an affordable stay for your expencive destination.


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