Should you get Lash extentions ? | the experience |


Hi Gorgeous,



It has been a couple of months since I got my extensions removed. I had the Russian 3d extensions which means that multiple extensions get attached to one of your own lashes.



I have to admit... it is quite the hassle to maintain them. You should brush them multiple times a day, avoid getting them wet and if you know what is good for you trying not to lay on them while sleeping... sounds impossible right? 

Oo and I almost forgot, you. Can. Not. Rub. Your. Eyes...... like ever.

 To be honest, after a week or so you are used to it.

 In return you wake up with beautiful lush lashes! You look extra fabulous every moment, everywhere.



After I got my extensions removed I noticed that my lashes looked a bit shorter. Now I don't know if this is because of the extensions or just a placebo effect. 



Anyhow, since I got them removed I had Intralasik eye surgery as you can read in my previous post.

 I can't help but long back for those beautiful lashes.. wondering how it looks even more beautiful without my glasses hiding them.



I already decided that I want them for my trip to Hawaii upcoming February.. but I don't want to wait any longer! 

 Maybe I will get them after I get my scuba dive certificate! More about that later.


See you next time,



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