Florida · December 19, 2016
Hey there, Don't worry, this is the last part of my longer than planned Road trip story. In this last part I will tell you about the shopping and Disney in Orlando, the alligator spotting in the Everglades and the upgrade at the Hilton hotel!
Florida · December 18, 2016
Hey Guys, This is the second last part of my Florida story. Today you will see some of the pictures I took in Miami and Jacksonville. In the next post I will write about Disney world and more.
Florida · December 16, 2016
Hey Guys, What are the odds? So yesterday I told you about how we found our trip online. What I forgot to mention is that after we booked and before we went, one afternoon we were at a friend’s house having a drink before going to a festival. What are the changes that another couple of friends were traveling to Florida, with the same travel agency, on the same date, even taking the same flights and to top it off, booked the seats on the row behind us? Yea, so that happened. To make the...
Florida · December 15, 2016
Hey guys, This is the story of how I experienced the (so far) best trip of my life! We can't, can we? Last year we went on a road trip trough Florida. Before that trip, I travelled to many countries, but never to the States. As me and my boyfriend both are students, we did not think it was a possibility for us to travel far during our period as students. It used to be a plan for when we would finish our studies. Despite of the odds being against us, I am a firm believer that If you truly want...
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