About me



Hi beautiful human!



My name is Rachelle, 26 years old and currently living in The Netherlands with my boyfriend and our 2 fluffy cats. I started this blog to give you a peek into my world. I write about travelling the world and finding the best luxury deals. and destinations.



In my short life I have moved about 14 times within the Netherlands and I lived in Spain for a split second during my internship. I have always had the urge to travel, explore and meet new people. 



Besides sharing my secrets with you, I work as a Paralegal Aviation Law. 



My hobbies are diving, travelling, photography, travelling, reading,, going to the movies, snowboarding, going to dinner with my friends and of course shopping!




Keep tuned and travel along with me.





 PS. Don't forget to check out my instagram where I upload daily and my YouTube channel for Travelvlogs.



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