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Hawaii · March 23, 2018
Everyone who has ever wanted to go to Hawaii, and looked into accommodation on the Island knows that the pricing is no joke. Being such a remote and popular destination the hotels can charge you crazy amounts for their rooms. As a student myself this was one of the hurdles people warned me about when we were about to book our tickets. But, stubborn as I am, I knew I would find us a place to stay. Even if..
Travel Hacks · December 18, 2017
Ever wondering how it is possible that I travel so much, while being a student and not having a sugar daddy? The next weeks I will give you some very handy practical tips so you can be on your way to lets say.... Hawaii ?? Ten, nine, twelve days to go? I have always been a travel junky, ever since I was a little girl and we went to Egypt once or twice a year to visit family. I would count the days, as soon as I could count. Before that I would bother my parents every waking moment of the day....
Hawaii · December 07, 2017
Well.. Fuck. In my previous post I shared my itinerary for my upcoming trip to Hawaii. In the itinerary I shared the different hotels we are going to stay at. This will also be our first encounter with Airbnb. As newbies we were pretty unsure and hesitant at first if we should book a accommodation in a strangers house. But, then I reminded myself; I am a millennial and I should
Hawaii · November 17, 2017
Oh my.. it is coming pretty close now! The most exciting trip of my life (yet). Update so far:
Travel Hacks · August 25, 2017
Despite being only 24 I have some experience with renting a car when on holiday. Below I wrote my most valuable tips or you.
Hawaii · March 17, 2017
Hola muchachos! I know, I know.. I have been slacking on the writing of my blog. Excusez-moi :) Buttt I have some awesome news to share!
Europe · January 09, 2017
Happy New Year! Austria Saturday I came home from my week of snowboarding in Austria. It was a lot of fun and very frustrating. This was my second vacation that I snowboarded so I still have a lot to learn.
Florida · December 19, 2016
Hey there, Don't worry, this is the last part of my longer than planned Road trip story. In this last part I will tell you about the shopping and Disney in Orlando, the alligator spotting in the Everglades and the upgrade at the Hilton hotel!
Florida · December 18, 2016
Hey Guys, This is the second last part of my Florida story. Today you will see some of the pictures I took in Miami and Jacksonville. In the next post I will write about Disney world and more.
Florida · December 16, 2016
Hey Guys, What are the odds? So yesterday I told you about how we found our trip online. What I forgot to mention is that after we booked and before we went, one afternoon we were at a friend’s house having a drink before going to a festival. What are the changes that another couple of friends were traveling to Florida, with the same travel agency, on the same date, even taking the same flights and to top it off, booked the seats on the row behind us? Yea, so that happened. To make the...

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