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Hawaii · March 23, 2018
Everyone who has ever wanted to go to Hawaii, and looked into accommodation on the Island knows that the pricing is no joke. Being such a remote and popular destination the hotels can charge you crazy amounts for their rooms. As a student myself this was one of the hurdles people warned me about when we were about to book our tickets. But, stubborn as I am, I knew I would find us a place to stay. Even if..
Travel Hacks · December 18, 2017
Ever wondering how it is possible that I travel so much, while being a student and not having a sugar daddy? The next weeks I will give you some very handy practical tips so you can be on your way to lets say.... Hawaii ?? Ten, nine, twelve days to go? I have always been a travel junky, ever since I was a little girl and we went to Egypt once or twice a year to visit family. I would count the days, as soon as I could count. Before that I would bother my parents every waking moment of the day....
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