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Food · December 22, 2016
Hey you, Yesterday I took my boyfriend to Michelin star restaurant Niven as a surprise to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. The basic principle of this restaurant is to ensure that every dish consists of 80% vegetables. I found a Groupon for a ten course tasting menu.
My Life · December 21, 2016
Hey guys, I decided to give you an update on my weekend. I went shopping in one of the biggest malls of Europe named CentrO and located in Oberhausen, Germany. We also had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant, and at restaurant Bregje.
Food · December 07, 2016
Hey there, A couple of days ago we went to a Kenyan restaurant named 3stones. This restaurant is not a typical restaurant which you find in the main street of a city. We had to bike about 10 minutes from the city center of the Hague to the restaurant. We picked this restaurant because we got a discount coupon and me and my boyfriend had decided to step more often out of our comfort zone. We never had Kenyan food, so we did not know what to expect.
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