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Food · November 15, 2017
Last week we went to FOAM to have some brunch. Foam is a Health Food 100% plant-based breakfast/lunch room with a minimalistic look and a relaxing vibe in the atmosphere, located in The Hague.
Food · September 19, 2017
Hi Guys, It is Wednesday and that means a new recipe! What most of you don't know is that I am lactose intolerant. Up to recently I was stubborn enough to ignore that fact and live with the consequences. But I decided to try and make my favourite recipes Lactose free! This week I made Chicken in Peanut(butter) sauce. It. Was. Delicious. Also super easy and quick to make! The recipe is for 2 people.
Food · August 30, 2017
Recipe for delicious Pate brisee filled with pastry cream and topped of with fruit
Food · August 23, 2017
French Toast recipe
Food · August 16, 2017
Recipe for a White Chocolate pie with a Oreo Crust, what more to say
Food · August 14, 2017
Review of Mister Kitchen's Pindakaas
My Life · August 11, 2017
Birthday, Oreo white chocolate cake, pastry, Kenyan food
Food · December 22, 2016
Hey you, Yesterday I took my boyfriend to Michelin star restaurant Niven as a surprise to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. The basic principle of this restaurant is to ensure that every dish consists of 80% vegetables. I found a Groupon for a ten course tasting menu.
My Life · December 21, 2016
Hey guys, I decided to give you an update on my weekend. I went shopping in one of the biggest malls of Europe named CentrO and located in Oberhausen, Germany. We also had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant, and at restaurant Bregje.
My Life · December 12, 2016
Hey you, Kijkduin Yesterday morning, I was working at the boulevard of Kijkduin. It is a very nice location as it is right at the beach. Every other weekend there is a book, art and antique market there that is being organized by my parents. When I arrived there at 8.30 to make sure that the traders unpack at the right market stall, I was shocked to see that all the market stalls were blown to the ground.

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