Weekend in Paris!


Hi guys,


From the 4th till the 6th of August we went on a spontaneous trip to Paris. This is one of the advantages of living in Europe, it is only a 4,5 hour drive. Because it was so spontaneous there were unfortunately no cute boutique hotels available any more. In the video you can see fragments of our short trip.



Jardin des Tuileries

We met up with two of my friends, who were also in Paris at the same time as us, and we walked a bit trough Jardin des tuileries! This is one of my favourite places in Paris! When you go early it is not very crowded and there are a lot of spots for you to sit in the shade and watch the Parisians walk by.

You can even see the Eiffel Tower in the distance! 




On the second day we got macrons at Ladurée. This company is worldwide know for their macrons that they have been making since 1862. On the way back to our hotel  we had to take the subway. When the subway arrived I ran for it to hold the door open. But the doors closed... with my bag of macrons between it. My other arm was also stuck between the first set of doors. Some of the subways in Paris are automated (there are no drivers/personnel) and this was one of them.  Luckily there were two men inside the subway trying to open the doors from the inside, and my boyfriend tried to free my arm from the other doors. The story ended well. I got off with some bruises but oddly the macrons didn't even had a scratch.



Arc de Triomph

 Unfortunately we didn't get to go to the louvre, which is the museum next to the Jardin des tuileries. The line was way too long. Instead we walked to the arc de Triomph. This amazing monument is free for people who are under 26 years old! 



Eiffel Tower

In the afternoon we went to the Eiffel Tower, but it was also way too crowded. Next time we will book in advance, which is also a recommendation to do.  You can go up in one of the elevators or by walking the stairs. But if you want to go to the summit you have to take the elevator. 



Restaurant Kong, Sex & The City and Louis Vuitton HQ

What we did do was go to Restaurant Kong, famous for the scene in Sex & the city! Don't know what scene I'm talking about? Check out the clip below 👇 The food is good, but heavily over priced (€35,- for 6 pieces of shrimp!). But then again, it is also the experience you pay for.  The ceiling is painted and looks like a piece of art, and the walls are made of glass, giving an amazing view over Paris! From our table we could look into the building next door, which was the Louis Vuitton Headquarter.



The Pont Alexandre III 

On our last day we did a boat tour on the Seine. I usually really love to be on the water, but it was very hot, and to be honest, you would probably enjoy it way more if you can stroll by the monuments and museums on your own speed. We chose the boat tour because we didn't have a lot of time left in Paris and we wanted to get an overview of where everything is for the next time we will go. 

The best part for me was this bridge, The Pont Alexandre III. It's the most beautiful one I have ever seen!


I love Paris, and I will definitely go back some day soon!

Have you ever been to Paris? If yes, what was your favourite spot?






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