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Hi guys!


This week I will spill the beans on my second travel secret: Weflycheap.nl


How does it work?

Weflycheap is similar in many ways to Ticketspy.

The site searches the world wide web for deals at different travel agency and airlines.


Why use it?

I must admit, I use Ticketspy way more frequently than Weflycheap.

So, if I like Ticketspy more, why use Weflycheap at all? I hear you asking..


Your needs.

Simply put, the advantage weflycheap offers is that you can put in exact travel dates, destinations and your travel budget. They show you the best deals fitting to your needs. 

But if you are a flexible student (you can skip first period right?) I would suggest Ticketspy. They show the best deals in my opinion.


Free tickets to Maldives.

At the moment they have a giveaway of 2 tickets to the Maldives. Check it out and maybe you will get lucky! If you do, I wouldn't mind joining you.. ;)


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Next week a post about Skyscanner.


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