Hawaii preperation update 11 weeks


Oh my.. it is coming pretty close now! The most exciting trip of my life (yet)!!


Update so far:




To do:


As you can see we booked and arranged most of the trip already. Only 11 weeks to go! Can't believe how fast time flies by when you are busy.


One of the tips I got from Cates blog Hulaland is to make 3 lists. Things To do, things I want to do and things I hope to do. This way you don't over-plan your trip. You plan one major thing per day and if you have spare time you can choose to do either a thing from your 'I want to do' list or just chill on the beach! I recommend you check out her blog if you ever plan on going to Hawaii.



Do you have any tips for our trip to Hawaii? Leave a comment below.

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