Starting my own company?



Today I had my first school day after a year or so doing my internship as a paralegal. I chose to do a minor entrepreneurship at a different school. There are 40 potential business owners in my class. Of those only 5 are female, including me!


I don't know why it is that women tend to be followers instead of leaders..it seems like a dick party now. So much testosterone in one room. You really need to toughen up as a women to have your voice heard in a business world filled with men.

It's sad but true.


Maybe it is because we tend to be modest about our skills and abilities. Maybe because society still implies that only men can make it to the top.


This is all the more reason for me to go against the grain. I will start my business and it will be awesome because I am beautiful and smart and there is not a damn thing they can do to stop me.


To be continued..


See you next time,


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