Hawaii: the countdown

Hey there,


As you might have read in my previous post we are going to HAWAII !!

We will departure from Amsterdam to Birmingham on the 5th of February.


International Flights

Since our next flight leaves on the 6th early in the morning we had to go to Birmingham one day early so we would not miss our flight to Frankfurt. In Frankfurt we have a short period of time before we have to board the next flight to San Francisco. In San Francisco we have a couple of hours to kill and then we finally board our last flight to Honolulu HAWAII.


Inter-island flights

By the time we will arrive I expect us to be pretty exhausted from travelling across the world.

We will stay in Honolulu for one night, and then take an inter-island flight to Maui. We also want to visit Big Island. Therefore we prolonged our travel by one week. We are going for 3 weeks in total now, instead of the initial 2.


Update every week

This is how far we have come with the planning of this amazing travel!

Every week I will write an update about our travelling schedule and the exciting stuff we are going to do!


Food intolerances

Also I recently learned that I have some food intolerances. If you want tips on how to travel with a food intolerance, special diet or allergy, make sure to read my upcoming posts.


If you have any tips about Hawaii you can leave them in a comment below. Of course I will share mine ass well.


Talk to you later,




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