Bachata all the way

Hey Guys,


Lately my life has been kinda boring. A lot of working and not much of free time. The only new thing is the bachata lessons we started to take. We had 2 lessons so far and I have to admit that I like it more than I thought I would. One of my friends is a dancing teacher and she used to invite me to these kind of classes all the time but I always thought that it just wasn't for me.



During the class you have to switch dancing partners so you can learn more. This is because everybody dances in their own way. The first class we took we decided to don’t switch partners, but the second class we did. It was weird, awkward but also fun. The thing is that you learn so much more than just dancing. You learn about yourself and your own limitations.



The issue I have, as it turned out, is that in the bachata dance the man has to lead the woman. I am a bit too independent for this I guess. I automatically wanted to lead the dance instead of following. This opened my eyes a bit. I always knew that I was a bit of a control freak, but I never thought that it could have this big of an effect on the person that has to deal with me. Or in this case, dance with me. It is impossible to dance if two people want to lead, just as it is difficult if there are two who want to lead in life. I have to learn how to let go. Good thing that we have some more lessons to follow.








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