Luxembourg and Tirol

Happy New Year!



Saturday I came home from my week of snowboarding in Austria. It was a lot of fun and

very frustrating. This was my second vacation that I snowboarded so I still

have a lot to learn.

It's so shiny!

Sunday morning we drove to Luxembourg, since my family was already there. This took us about 4

hours by car. We had spent the night in Luxembourg at a hotel. That evening we went to

the city center to have dinner. Everywhere in the city center they had these beautiful

lights in the trees. The next morning we left our little city car at the hotel

and drove to Austria with my family in their big car.


No snow? 

It took us about 8 hours by car to get from Luxembourg to Austria. When we arrived

in Austria there was almost no snow on the ground, but that did not bother us

since we were not going to snowboard on the day of arrival anyways.


- 20 degrees 

When we woke up the next morning there was snow everywhere! It had snowed throughout

the night. And so the learning process began. We only had 4 days to snowboard and

luckily by the 4th day my skills had improved quite a bit. On the day of

departure it was - 20 degrees in Austria and there was at least a meter of snow!


Dog farts 

The first 8 hours on our journey back home we were all in one car again. 5 adults and one French

bulldog (whom likes to fart a lot). This was a very smelly trip and we were

glad when we arrived in Luxembourg so we could drive the last part with our own

car back home.


American Motorcycle 

There were a lot of car crashes on our route back home. While driving we saw an American

motorcycle passing us. A couple of km later we saw that same motorcycle on the

side of the road! He had an accident. Then again it was not the brightest idea

to ride on a motorcycle on the mountain roads when it is - 20 degrees and



Poor Cat

When we arrived home we decided to pick up our cat a day early from the cat hotel he

was staying in. The poor thing was still afraid and had not eaten much since he

was there. Luckily when we took him back home, he was back to his old ways.


Talk to you later,


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