Christmas weekend & Blackjack

Hey Guys,


I had a very busy weekend, filled with family gatherings, Christmas dinners and a party at my internship. 


Thursday eve, after my day at the internship, we had a dinner at the office. Afterwards we went a floor down in the building to find that as a surprise the company had rented some casino tables such as Roulette, Poker and Blackjack. It was a very interesting evening gambling and drinking with my colleagues. It is funny to see a different side of the otherwise serious people at your work. I was in the finals of the competition of poker! (this might have had something to do with the dealer who was a little friendlier towards me with dealing the cards then he was towards my male colleagues).



Friday me and my boyfriend decided to already give each other presents, since the rest of the weekend would be filled with family time. He gave me the Swarovski earrings I told you about in my previous post.


Vicotria's secret

Saturday I had a Christmas dinner at my sister in law. Because of the hectic we did not get to eat until 23.00 After dinner we all got presents. Unfortunately, nobody gave us the note that this year, unlike the years before, everybody brought presents. Awkward... I got a big box filled with body lotion and perfume of Victoria's secret.


Brunch and board games

Sunday we had a brunch at my parents. After brunch we all got presents again, but this time we also brought some. The rest of the afternoon was filled with playing board games, which my parents bought for me. This was hilarious since we had to do all sorts of tasks.


Charlie Chaplin

Today we are going to my parents again to play some more board games, have dinner (homemade split pea soup) and tonight we are going to a musical of Charlie Chaplin in Amsterdam. I can't wait!



Talk to you soon,




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