Restaurant Review; Michelinstar* Niven


Hey you,


Yesterday I

took my boyfriend to Michelin star restaurant Niven as a surprise to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. The basic principle of

this restaurant is to ensure that every dish consists of 80% vegetables. I

found a Groupon for a ten course tasting menu.


In total we were dining for 4 hours. It took quite some time before the next course came. Especially since we were pretty hungry when we arrived at the restaurant. Time only seems to go slower when you are hungry. The food itself was amazing! Such nice presentation, and exquisite taste.

I took a picture of every course. Some courses contained multiple little bites. The prices at the restaurant were pretty expensive though. A bottle of flat water costs €6,50 and a basket of bread €3,50. If we did not have the Groupon, we would pay more or less € 250,- for the ten courses. Even though the food is exquisite, the price range of this restaurant is pretty high. I don't expect us to visit this restaurant again any time soon.


See you soon,


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