Florida, Roadtrip part 1

Hey guys,


This is the story of how I experienced the (so far) best trip of my life!


We can't, can we?

Last year we went on a road trip trough Florida. Before that trip, I travelled to many countries, but never to the States. As me and my boyfriend both are students, we did not think it was a possibility for us to travel far during our period as students. It used to be a plan for when we would finish our studies. Despite of the odds being against us, I am a firm believer that If you truly want something, there is always a way to achieve it.


Sugar daddy?

And so the search began. In that same period one of my friends posted pictures of her vacations in Mexico and other exotic places. As I knew that she didn't have a sugar-daddy, I asked her how she could afford all the traveling. She told me about a website called: www.ticketspy.nl This is a company that searches for the best travel deals. You can't book the trip on this website but are redirected to the company offering the trip, therefore you don't pay any service fees. Later I also found another website called www.weflycheap.nl



I watched these sites closely untill finally a Fly and Drive offer to Miami came along. The deal was to good to be true! It included the airline fair and a rental car for 13 days for only € 600,- a person. After some calculations we decided to go for it and work a lot the rest of the summer so at the end of the summer brake we could go on this adventure. 


To be continued...

The last week of August the time had come that we were going to the airport.

Tomorrow I will continue the story about my Florida adventure.


See you soon,





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