Beach, Boulevard and a Christmas market

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 Yesterday morning, I was working at the boulevard of Kijkduin.  It is a very nice location as it is right at the beach. Every other weekend there is a book, art and antique market there that is being organized by my parents. When I arrived there at 8.30 to make sure that the traders unpack at the right market stall, I was shocked to see that all the market stalls were blown to the ground.

It was up to me and one of our employees to clean up the mess. It happened to be that the previous night my parents hang light at the stalls for a nice atmosphere. But unfortunately they were also on the ground, shattered. Besides having to clean up the mess, at the same time all the participants started to arrive, so I had to arrange a place for them to stand in the indoor shopping mall at the boulevard.


Tea by the sea

Two, very long hours later we were able to clean up all the mess and all the participants had a spot to sell. So I took a brake to drink tea at this adorable little place called Thee aan zee, which is Dutch for ‘tea by the sea’. If you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood, you should check it out. They have about 50 different kinds of tea and freshly made pie. After I finished my tea I had to stop by all the participants to collect the fee for their place. When I finished work, my boyfriend arrived at Kijkduin because we had to check out the sale at this little shop at the boulevard called Chase. At the moment they have a lot of snowboard jackets for 70 % off. So my boyfriend bought a jacket which was discounted from 250 euros to only 70 euros.


Christmas market and take-out

Afterwards I called my mother to tell her about the market. She told me that at that moment she was at Heemstede running the Christmas market. Since it was only half past one, we decided to make the one-hour drive and check it out. They even had a real live Christmas Crib with a camel at the Christmas market. We walked around for a bit and then got some tea with pastry at a local bakery to warm up. I got a cute snowman pastry. We stayed till half past six. When we drove home, we were both so tired of working that day that we decided to get take out from a place called Toko Eddo which is located in Voorburg. At this restaurant they sell a amazing dish called chicken-cashew. I know people from Rotterdam that drive all the way to Voorburg just for this dish. Unfortunately, I woke up sick today, so I am writing this from underneath my blanket on the couch. I hope to feel better tomorrow so I can continue with my internship.


See you tomorrow.





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