Meeting, a funny hat & Amsterdam

 Hey you,



 This morning I had a meeting at my school in Leiden to talk about my internship. I'm not used to getting up that early and going to school anymore after 14 weeks of internship. I have to say that I think that I am ready to work fulltime.



Afterwards I took the train to Amsterdam to meet up with one of my closest friends. She is in the midst of starting her vlog on YouTube about her life and how she deals with her depression. 


Christmas market

 We went to the centre of Amsterdam to walk around and visit the Christmas market but as it turned out, it was not there yet. So we decided to do some grocery shopping to cook dinner and watched a very cheesy Christmas movie on Netflix.


What I love about Amsterdam

A couple of years ago I lived in Amsterdam and I have to say that one of the things I love the most about Amsterdam is that the people on the street just simply don't give a fuck about what you would think about them. You see people wear the strangest things, as this man I saw with the funny hat. 

Atm We are going to the movie office Christmas Party in a bit.


Dominican Republic

Tomorrow I will post about my journey to the Dominican Republic where I took some beautiful pictures as the one on the background of my website. All of the pictures I use on my blog, I take myself.


See you tomorrow.



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