Bunny's and a new gym?

Hey Guys,


Legal stuff and hopping bunny's

So yesterday I spend the day at my internship, helping some clients with their legal problems. It has been an interesting, but long day at the office. When I arrived home my boyfriend had already cooked us dinner. During dinner we were watching TV when I came across the baby channel. Now you are probably thinking.. why the hell are you looking at the baby channel...

But actually I was amazed by the irony of the show they were airing at that moment. I asked my boyfriend questions that are impossible to awnser about the show, while laughing uncontrollably. Like why do the bunny’s hop, but does the pig walk like a human and has a pair of glasses on? 


I guess it is the mixture of reality and fantasy that makes it so absurdly funny to me. You should know that I have a very dry sense of humor.


New gym?

Afterwards we went to a

new gym in the World Trade Center nearby our home to see if we would like to

become a member. Our current gym is a bit further away and this one is within

walking distance. Also it helps that they have different sauna's there. My boyfriend is convinced that we should become a member of the new one, but I’m more stuck in the habit of going to my current gym I guess, so we have not decided yet. 


Anyways, after getting a tour through the gym we had to go to the dentist. What I really like about this dentist is that they created a little area where you can brush your teeth. After the appointment we decided to go back to the new gym and work out for about an hour, since they were closing already at 22.00 o’clock. So that has been my Wednesday. 


Tonight, after my internship, we are going to snowboard again.


See you soon


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